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I dare you to follow your heart,

to transcend boundaries,

and live intentionally as your most authentic self.

Let love be your guide to move you through the many facets of your creative identity because

your story is a masterpiece happening in real time.

I encourage you to honor it and embrace your diverse interests, unapologetically.


Demi Diaz

MY Story

When I was a teenager, I proudly called myself "The Young Workaholic." Between full time school and internships in New York City, I was taking any opportunity to make money. From resume writing to bussing tables, guerrilla marketing, touring, and events — I was on a mission to be the hardest working person I knew because that's how you become successful. By my 21st birthday and several mental breakdowns later,

I burnt out.

After declining newly graduated salaries, I freelanced in experiential marketing, went on tour with a music artist and traveled the world. While on the search for what's next, I moved from The Big Apple to The Big Easy, New Orleans, Louisiana. The intensity that awaited me, in hindsight, was the answer to my deepest desires. Every adversity I faced was met with deep reflection and self-love. I learned to be still and listen.


This sacred exploration of self helped awaken the interconnectedness of creative play to mirror the reality we seek. Passionledly is a platform where creativity knows no bounds.

A safe space to play for me, and you.

Passion-led projects


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