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I am Demi Diaz

My Human Design will tell you I have the personality of a 'Great Life Experimenter': an experience seeker, embracing life as your teacher, leading the way for others to learn from you. I could not have said it better myself.

In 2020, I dove headfirst into a self discovery journey using various healing techniques and it's been the most rewarding and impactful years of my life.

Through the ego deaths and rebirths I've accepting the following about myself:

I am on a constant pursuit of freedom, peace and purpose.

The free spirited life chose me.

Relationships provide the most valuable lessons.

Traveling is my top motivating force.

Moving with gratitude is my power.

In other words, I've learned geography, history, science, finances, and psychology through experiences, more than my 16 years in the US educational system.

Textbooks taught me that my ancestors were forced to uproot, replacing sacred traditions and teachings with emotional warfare.  Shadow work will reveal that patterns of scarcity, shame and unworthiness have been passed down through generations as a result, and into my subconscious today. Feelings that do not belong to me, or anyone for that matter.

I've now made it my life goal to get to know the depths of myself and how I relate to the world around me. This platform will be dedicated to showcasing what I've had to learn and unlearn to become and live as the best version of myself.

The greatest story ever told.